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Info for CTCon 2011?
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zatchmort wrote in connecticon
Hey, so, does anyone know what the story is for this year's con? Looks like the website/forum haven't been updated for about six months (other than MAD announcements), and I need to make plans for the summer. In particular, I want to do a panel, but last year they only announced the process a few days before the deadline and I missed it...

Is there any way we can get current info? Thanks!

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I know there are staffers who are in-the-know who still check the forum, so the admin here is correct in directing you there. The website and forum updates are in the works and to my understanding will be up soon.

The staff understand the timing issues that happened last year and are making an effort to fix them for this year. We also are aware of the concerns over the outdated site and are planning accordingly with deadlines. I will try to pass on your particular concerns to the panels department as well to make sure they are aware of this potential issue.

Hanna Burnett
Guest Relations

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